Bilateral Relations

Diplomatic Relation

Japan opened a consulate for the first time in Casablanca in 1938. After Morocco became independent in 1956, diplomatic relationship was established, and the Embassy of Japan was established in Rabat in 1961, and in 1965 the Embassy of Kingdom of Morocco was established in Tokyo.

Regarding the economic relations, a few years before Morocco became independent in 1956, foresighted Japanese people with foresight started business with Morocco, and ever since, both countries have continued a warm relationship. Initially the amount of trade and the products were very limited, but the trade volume of the two countries continues to increase under the protection of the governments of both countries.

Trade relations originate primarily from marine products, and now spread to all sectors, and we have obtained fruitful results in mutual relations in the fields of economics, trade, science, technology, culture, education and so on.

Japan supports the development and improvement of society and the economic environment through the assistance of the ODA program to important areas such as rural irrigation, electrification, welfare and vocational training, and participates in mutual trade and investment fields.

Royal Family and Imperial Family

Mar. ’87 Crown Prince Mohammed visits Japan

Feb. ’88 Crown Prince Mohammed attends the funeral of Emperor of Showa

Nov. ’90 Prince Moulay Rachid attends the enthronment of Emperor Akihito

Sept. ’91 Crown Prince Naruhito visits Morocco

Jul. ’96 Prince and Princess Takamado visit Morocco

Jul. ’99 Prince Takamado visits Morocco

Jun. ’00 Prince and Princess Takamado visit Morocco

Mar. ’03 Prince Moulay Rachid attends Water Resource Conference in Kyoto

Mar. ’05 Lalla Amina attends Nagano Special Olympics

Jun. ’05 Lalla Salma visits Aichi Expo

Nov. ’05 H.M. Mohammed VI visits Japan as state guest

Nov. ’14 Lalla Hasna attends ESD UNESCO Conference in Aichi

Bilateral treaties

1960 Treaty on Trade and Commerce

1985 Treaty on Fishery

2001 Agreement with JETRO

2002 Agreement on Information Technology