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Ambassador Rachad Boulal greeted children from Morocco invited by Yazaki Corporation


Ambassador Bouhlal greeted the children from Morocco, that were invited to the 29th Summer Camp in Japan by Yazaki Corporation. Every year, Yazaki Corporation holds this summer camp at their Ikkyuso-site, inviting children whose mother or father is working for Yazaki. This year, 319 children from 39 countries were invited. 10 children were invited from Morocco, and like last year, Ambassador Bouhlal joined the camp.

The Ambassador praised Mr. Yazaki, President of Yazaki Corporation, the wonderful care exteneded to the workers' family by the company.

Since 2000, Yazaki Corporation is operating in Morocco, and they are currently creating over 10,000 jobs for the local citizens in Tanger, Kenitra and Meknes.

Rachad Bouhlal

Summer camp attendees

Rachad Bouhlal

Ambassador Bouhlal together with the children from Morocco, all in the same Yazaki T-shirts

Rachad Bouhlal

with Mr. Yazaki, President of Yazaki Corporation

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