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Filming in Morocco


Filming in Morocco for movies, TV programs and photography for commercial purpose requires permit from Moroccan authority.
Document required for application (prepare in English or French):
  • 1. Application form (For filming only. 1. is not required for still photos.)
  • 2. Permit request letter by the production company (corporate seal and signature required)
  • 3. Project plan and outline of filming/photo shooting
  • 4. Equipment list (in carnet format)
  • 5. Staff list (Name, gender, role in the project, passport number, passport issue & expiration date)
  • 6. Passport copy (photo page) of all the staff
  • 7. Schedule, itinerary (including flight schedule)
  • 8. Power of Attorney (seal and signature required): Broadcasting company's letter for the production company, in case the production company is not the broadcasting company. In case the production company is the broadcasting company, broadcasting company's letter for the filming crew.
The procedure takes approximately 4 weeks. In case you'd like to visit the Embassy for application, please make sure to make an appointment in advance.


Military facilities are not allowed to film nor photo. Some facilities may require special permit. If people are included in the scene, please make sure to ask for permit before filming/photo shooting.

Filming with drone may require longer time for permit.

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